porviva benefits

•   jointless surfaces
•   endless creative variations
•   for inside and outside
•   cooling effect
    (sundecks, walkways etc.)
•   for wet rooms
•   variable grip
•   light resistent and UV-stable
•   minimal construction height
•   suitable for chair rolls
•   suitable for high heels
•   solvent-free
•   very low emission
•   easy to repair
•   very high fire resistance
•   certified by LEED
•   certified by DGNB12
•   certified by DGNB15

porviva & porfil® products

porviva synthetic
Size:    0,25; 0,50 or 1,00 mm
Color: NCS and RAL colours

porviva mineral
Size:     0,50 or 1,00 mm
Color:    silver, gold, grey, anthracite

porviva metal spatola (V15)
chrome steel, stainless steel,
aluminium, copper, bronze, brass

porviva metal
chrome steel, stainless steel,
aluminium, copper, bronze, brass

porfil.® PLUS X
the pore-filling, sealing and very low viscosity EP-water-proofing for the time optimization of covering and designing innovative porviva® surfaces.

porfil.® BIT / porfil.® BASIC S
the pore-filling, super low viscosityand pressure-water-resistant 2K-EP concrete-sealant under bitumensheets on bridges an flat roofs.

porfil.® ECO

the pore-filling, super low viscosity and pressure-water-resistant 2K-EP concrete-sealant, nearly UV-stable.

porfil.® SPEED

very fast 2K epoxy resin with a short curing time to be ready for covering, for filling of cracks, for the production of rapid epoxy resin mortars and designing innovative porviva® surfaces.

pleyers. WB 800 transparent
solvent-free, waterbased, UV-stable, low viscosity, 2-component, transparent PU-Top-Coat, available in  matt or gloss finish.

yers. WB 800 Color gloss
solvent-free, waterbased, UV-stable, low viscosity, 2-component, PU-Top-Coat, available in different colors.

porviva options

porviva synthetic are minerals which are coloured through with natural pigments. They are available in many NCS and RAL colours. Colourful porbits can be mixed to individual tastes, either with each other or combined with additions from our metal or minerals ranges.
Cooling effect porviva synthetic keeps your sun exposed surfaces at pleasent ca. 95°F (35°C)

porviva mineral are available in matt or shimmering versions. The shimmering tints (gold and silver) place strong optical accents and have a classy shimmer. They can easily be used as highlighter. porviva mineral is also available in the unobtrusive versions of 202 light (grey) and 202 dark (anthracite).

porviva spatola is a particular metal spackle technique. Patterns, ornaments, logos or letterings can be applied in a 3-D appearance on each porviva surface.

porviva metal are porbits in aluminium, copper, stainless steel, brass and chromesteel. All porviva metal choices display a very futuristic character.

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