porviva living surfaces
engineered and made in germany

  • porviva cooling surfaces

    & pool solution

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  • new: waterpark branson, USA

    porviva cool feet solution

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  • new: waterpark texas, USA

    porviva cool feet solution

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  • wild wadi waterpark, Dubai UAE

    porviva cool feet solution & pools

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porviva gmbh
adamsmuehle 1
52146 wuerselen

fon: +49 (2407) 568 303-0
fax:  +49 (2407) 568 303-30


about porviva

innovative design – endless possibilities - functionality

The porviva system consists of porbits. Our porbits are small particles of various materials which are produced from renewable or recycled raw materials.

The porviva porbits can be used nearly universally – from the living room over the terrace into the pool. porviva is suitable for floors, walls, bathrooms, even for furniture and other surfaces.

porviva NEWS

WWA World Waterpark Association Show 2016
New Orleans, LA, U.S.A

Thank you for visiting our booth. Learn more about our porviva products and feet cooling surface solutions:

vistit the website: www.wwashow.org meet our porviva US-Partner Bluewater Cas NEW porviva pool & cool feet brochure (2 MB) NEW porviva and porfil references (2,6 MB)
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